Our  buckets are suitable for use in soils where shock loading and abrasion is not expected. Teeth and corner bits are often added to these buckets to enhance penetration and to extend wear life. 

Canadian Block


  •  Designed to optimize the loading and dumping characteristics of each machine
  •  Bucket widths and cutting edge hole patterns suit standard OEM wear parts
  •  All wear parts feature AR 400 plate
  •  Welded skid shoes are standard, bolt on available as an option
  •  Bolt on cutting edges available

Canadian Block

An economical bucket designed for:
  • Trenching
  • Construction
  • Basement Digging
  • Drainage
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas

Canadian Block Manufacturing serves the oilfield industry with utility tools for road building, well site construction/maintenance, materials and pipe handling, seismic exploration and snow removal.  We  have a full range of heavy-duty attachments for the oil and gas and mining industries. We offer standard products as well as very specialized attachments developed for specific applications and soil conditions

Canadian Block


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