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Below the Hook Lifters are those helpful pieces of equipment that provide a connection point between the crane and the load being lifted. They can be structural mechanical lifting devices, vacuum lifters, magnets, and grapples. In order to provide direction regarding the design, marking, installation, inspection testing and much more, the American Society of 

Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has developed standards that apply specifically to these types of devices.

In 2006 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers released a new standard, ASME BTH-1 in order to provide clarification in regards to structural design requirements stated in ASME B30.20. The revision to ASME B30.20 that fully references ASME BTH-1. This new standard applies to all new product manufactured after January 16, 2008 and does not require that existing below the hook lifting devices be reworked to adhere to the new standard requirements.

ASME B30.20 provides detailed information on the classifications, marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below the hook lifting devices. ASME BTH-1 provides detailed information on the design criteria of below the hook lifting devices. 

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